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About Us


The Promar Steel company is a dynamically developing company with a planned annual work schedule. Our products are used in luxury, historical buildings and those containing fire protection glass. We make products individually for the needs of the customer, as well as prototypes – including oversized constructions, containing unusual solutions mainly for the US and EU markets. Presently, the research and development department is also developing a model adapted to the specifics of the French market. We have approvals in accordance with the needs and requirements of profile manufacturers and other system materials, including fittings included in the structure. In addition, we are at the stage of implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Promar Steel has been creating windows, doors made of steel, brass, cortene and other materials for over 20 years. Production 15 done manually, but using the latest available technology. This combination allows us to obtain the highest possible precision.

The products are made to individual customer orders and are assembled in luxury, historical and facilities
with industrial design. All production work takes place in our place, including welding and varnishing, which gives us control over quality from the very beginning to the end.

In many cases, we work on prototypes looking for the best possible functional solutions.

We currently employ over 55 people, and our products are assembled in investments in the USA, Canada and the European Union.


See how we changed over the years

Pierwszy Anglik


The first Englishman appeared at PROMAR on a foggy morning, November 2nd, 1998. That day we started the production of steel windows in Poland. The first steel windows left the production hall at noon. After visual inspection and measurements of the anti-corrosive coating and preliminary tests, the windows were found to be compliant with the British Standard BS 6510. The high quality of the paint coatings and the accuracy of the assembly only confirmed the high qualifications of the company’s employees. Productivity increased with acquired experience. The ambition was to match the best.


Former production hall in Szlichtyngowa.

Fragment artykułu Panorama Leszczyńska:


Excerpt from the article Panorama Leszczyńska: According to Kazimierz Dymek, out of a dozen or so thousands of windows sent to the British, complaints concerned only 2 or 3 pieces. The number of orders was systematically increasing, and more and more modern machines appeared in the production hall. Windows for London institutions sometimes have a size of 3 x 2 m, or a total of 6 square meters. With such production – when ultimate accuracy is required – the professionalism of the welder and locksmith plays an essential role. Recently, the windows have been installed in a newly built office building near London docks.


Lofts in the harbour area near Tower Bridge in London. The windows were manufactured in PROMAR.

great britan

2001 – 2007

Our company’s products went to the British market – attractive, but demanding in terms of quality and design. During this period, we were steadily increasing exports to England, acquiring new contractors and implementing subsequent successful investments in the field of window woodwork together with contractors.


The company changed its legal form and name to the Promar Steel brand still used today. 

In 2008 we launched the production of steel windows and doors in a new plant in Siedlnica. The product range has been expanded to include windows made of stainless steel and bronze.

eksport naszych produktów na rynek amerykański


We acquire the first contractor in the USA. From that moment, we started exporting our products to the American market, which is still our largest outlet today.

maszyna CNC


We provided the Promar Steel machine parks with the most modern CNC machine in Europe. This was the beginning of our innovative approach to production of steel windows. We were becoming precursors of this technology in the old continent.

drewniana rama okna


The first design of windows made of brass left our factory. It was implemented for a contractor in the USA.

Rama okienna


The first design made of thermal brass profiles produced by our company. It went to the Polish market, to a residence in Konstancin.

malarnia proszkowa


We started implementing the “in the house” production concept, which assumes a quality policy based on the fact that the entire production process takes place within one production plant, and no window element ever leaves the company and is fully implemented inside our machine park. This is done in order to increase quality and full control over the production process. In connection with the implementation of this concept, the production line was equipped with a powder paint shop.



We opened a new office building. The company’s management, design department, valuation department, sales and export department as well as administration were located in the building.

prasa krawędziowa Safan


We finished the implementation of the “in the house” production strategy. The Safan press brake was included to our plant. From then on, all additional production elements were completed within one plant.

czteroosiowe i trzyosiowe centrum obróbcze Emmegi.


Expansion of the technology park with a numerically controlled saw and a new four-axis and three-axis Emmegi machining centre.


Implementation of the CMR Opera Company system for managing the production process and the valuation process. 

In 2018, we also obtained a building permit for a new production hall.



On May 15th, we began the construction of the new production plant. The planned completion of the investment is December 2019.

otwarcie promar steel


On February 27, the official opening of the New Production Hall took place.

manipulator dla montowania okien


In May, we purchased a manipulator to improve our work.

okna ze stali nierdzewnej producent


Commencement of the investment, which will be the creation of a new wet painting shop. This will allow us to expand the possibilities of finishing our products and expand the concept of “in the house”.