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Site regulations

Visiting the company's PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K. and intending to use the content and materials contained on it, read the following rules.

Regulations in force since 30.01.2012.

All content found on the company's website PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K. only by the company and are its exclusive property.

Any substantive content contained on the pages of PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K. divided into descriptions and texts, downloads and PDF files for designers.

Descriptions, texts and visual material contained on the website's PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K. are subject to intellectual property rights under the current Polish regulations. Their copy, distribute and placing in other places without the permission of the owners is prohibited.

Downloads Acrobat Reader .pdf located on the sides of PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K. can only download as advertising material products. The use of parts or all information contained in these materials for purposes other than advertising products PHP PROMAR is prohibited.

Downloads for designers can be downloaded only after obtaining approval from PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K. and obtaining the unique user name and password to log in to the department files. Ability to use the files contained therein govern the internal arrangements between the company and the designers of PROMAR STEEL SP. Z O.O. SP.K..

For copyright infringement by the user through the use of the Web page content owned by another person or in any other way the sole responsibility of extracting and exposes himself to criminal penalties contained in the legislation on the protection of intellectual property in accordance with the laws of Poland.

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