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About us

About us Promar Steel – a Polish manufacturer of highest quality steel and bronze windows and doors with numerous products successfully fitted in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The first Englishman turned up at Promar on a foggy day of the 2nd of November 1998. That was the day when we stared to manufacture steel windows in Poland. The first steel window left the workshop at noon. After careful quality control, detailed scrutiny and thorough examination, it was concluded that the window met the British quality standard BS 6510. High quality of coating and the precision of assembly corroborated excellent qualifications of the company’s employees. Efficiency increased with learning and grew with experience. The ultimate objective was to catch up with the best in the business.

Manufacturing plant in Szlichtyngowa in 1999.

Excerpt from the article published in a weekly Panorama Leszczyńska on January 21, 1999.

According to Kazimierz Dymek, only two or three windows out of a few thousand that have already been sent to the British partners were defective and did not meet the quality standards. The number of orders has been growing systematically and more and more modern, state-of-the-art equipment has been installed in the manufacturing facility. Widows produced for London institutions sometimes have the dimensions of three by two meters, i.e. in total six square meters. During the manufacturing process, which requires almost perfect accuracy, the workmanship of welders and ironworkers is imperative. Recently, Promar’s windows have been installed in a newly erected office-building in the area London Docklands.

London, 1999r.

Lofts in the district of London Docklands, not so far from the famous Tower Bridge. The windows were manufactured by Promar.

The former workshop in Szlichtyngowa in 2000.

In 2008 the company launched the production of steel windows and doors in the new facility in Siedlnica. The range of our products offered to customers has been increased by windows made of stainless steel and bronze profiles.

Promar is strong with the expertise of experienced employees, but new talents who have recently joined the firm, are our company’s drivers of change. New ideas and innovative solutions suggested by young workers have resulted in the implementation of highly advanced technology.


Company Promar certifies that Lubuskie Training Centre NOVUM provided entire supervision over the development and implementation of the investment project: “Implementation of innovative technological manufacturing solutions the driver of the increase of export of products to global markets.” The project was developed under the number RPLB 02.01.00-08-302/09 and was implemented within the Lubuskie Regional Operational Program 2007-2013, the activity 2.1. The total value 1 560 810,00 PLN. The investment project comprised the purchase of the land and buildings, which were completely refurbished. High-tech processing machine with IT operating software purchased and installed in the plant. The processing centre is the state-of-the-art technological equipment on a global scale. The outcome of the project is the capacity of manufacturing highest quality steel and bronze windows to be exported to such countries as the United States or Saudi Arabia. Within the project requirements the company has also employed eleven employees including R&D specialists whose primary task would be optimisation of the production processes. The company Promar recommends NOVUM Training Centre as representing high mark professionalism. Our cooperation was characterized by on-time delivery of high quality service. The ultimate project objective has been attained on time and within the budget. Siedlnica, March 2011

The implementation of innovative technological manufacturing solutions the driver of the increase of export of products to global markets. The application of innovative solutions in manufacturing was highly evaluated within the Lubuskie Regional Operational Program 2007-201. The project number RPLB 02.01.00-08-302/09 was assessed as the second most innovative solution among all submitted proposals.
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